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Morning Meadow Nourishing Hand & Body Lotion

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200 ml (£005 per ml)

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Deeply moisturising hand and body lotion fragranced with a "happy blend of essential oils".
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Morning Meadow Nourishing Hand & Body Lotion
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This is a refillable product - lets reduce plastic waste!

Your hand care routine

Covid taught us that we need to look after our hands.  I learned early on that you cannot wash your hands every time you touch something without suffering the consequences.  While I was working as a therapist, this was not a problem!  Because my hands are constantly working with oils and lotions, they rarely get dry.  However, when lockdown happened, that all changed.  My hands rapidly deteriorated, becoming dry, red and sore.    I would like to tell you about my hand care routine.

Hand lotion in your hand care routine.

With two products, it is very easy to look after your hands - I can now miss out the Vitamin A cream.

When my hands were so sore, red and dry, I used Morning Meadow Hand wash and avoided any other soap or hand wash.  After that, I would apply Vitamin A Cream, because it is great for fixing lots of skin issues.  On top of that, I would apply the wonderfully fragranced Morning Meadow Hand and Body Lotion.  Within a week, my hands were back to normal, despite constant hand washing.  No more dry, rough or sore skin!

Ingredients and benefits

  • Organic Virgin Coconut Butter is an excellent moisturiser and skin conditioner. \n
  • Avocado Oil penetrates and protects the skin as well as providing  vitamins and nutrients. \n
  • Sweet Almond Oil  is soothing and protective and in addition, it is known to soften the skin. \n
  • Rose water is healing to the skin. \n
  • Vitamin E is antioxidant, healing and helpful to maintain the elasticity of the skin. \n
  • The product is is fragranced with a light, fresh and citrus aroma created from a blend of essential oils which work synergistically to lighten the mood, enhance relaxation – I like to call it a “happy” blend. But it is also a blend of essential oils that enhances cell regeneration, so it is perfect for this product. \n

Hand Lotion: how to use it in your hand care routine

One pump of Morning Meadow hand and body lotion is more than enough to make your hands soft and smooth – use as often as you like, especially after washing your hands. Use after bathing for deliciously soft, smooth and fragrant skin.  If you have any questions about any of my products you can get in touch via email @hello@imagonaturalskincare 


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