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Marine Active Complex

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An oil based serum which feeds the skin leaving it nourished and moisturised.

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Marine Active Complex
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All Natural Skincare - Marine Active  Complex

All-natural skincare is my passion, but not always easy to attain.   I wanted to create a 100% natural, anti-aging, oil-based serum for all skin types.  It was originally made to use overnight.   My customers soon began to tell me that they were using it day and night because they loved it so much.

It is available in three sizes, the smallest starting at only £14, and the larger the size, the more economical it is.

Because it makes a great make-up base it is great to use it in the morning under moisturiser and make-up! Marine Active Complex is a beautifully fragranced product that feeds and nourishes the skin.

It is also available for men with a different blend of essential oils.  I called it Beard and Bare Skin Gear.

When I set out to formulate this serum, I intended it for use on mature skin, however, it has also proved to be beneficial for all skin types.

Ingredients and benefits 

  • Argan Oil produces prostaglandins and increases hydration.
  • Calendula Oil promotes skin suppleness.
  • Rosehip Oil smooths fine lines and wrinkles and improves skin elasticity.
  • Pumpkin Seed Oil is high in Zinc and omega 3, 6, and 9 and has a lifting effect on the skin.
  • Borage Oil contains a high GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) content.   Because the body uses Gamma Linolenic Acid to produce prostaglandins to maintain healthy skin, this is a useful addition to the product.
  • Vitamin E is highly anti-oxidant, thereby protecting against free radicals and the destruction of the connective tissue.
  • Pomegranate Seed Extract strengthens cell membranes, regulates cell turnover, and in addition, prevents water loss from the cells.
  • Arctic Cranberry Extract, because it also provides essential fatty acids, nourishes, moisturises, and protects the skin.
  • Studies have shown that Eco Marine Extract to increases cell turnover, and collagen synthesis by 19.3%.  The benefits have been noticed in just 24 hours after use. It also promotes healing, strengthens the skin, and restores suppleness and radiance. 

How to use it

Apply one pump in the morning under moisturiser to the face and neck.

Or use two pumps before bed and you will feel like you had a facial while you slept.

Scrunch it into your hair for a fast conditioner.

Add it to your body lotion.


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